The Benchmarking Partnership

About The Benchmarking Partnership

The Benchmarking Partnership (TBP) was founded in the UK in 2015 as a collaboration between data specialists Highbury Analytical Limited ( and healthcare consultancy firm Beeston Consulting (, initially to deliver international benchmarking programmes in Australia and beyond. In 2018 the long-running Keele University National Pathology Benchmarking Service and Demand Optimisation programmes were then brought in-house, which resulted in an extensive re-development of both programmes in 2019.

Whilst the newly re-built Pathology Benchmarking Programme has become an essential tool to help NHS laboratories to evaluate the performance of their service against comparable peers, better understand where they can generate effeciency savings, and identify further opportunities for growth, the Demand Optimisation programmes have helped contribute towards significant cost savings to both laboratory and the wider healthcare environment through more appropriate and effective use of Pathology services in Primary care.

TBP also have a strong commitment to research, in addition to a long-standing interest in international benchmarking programmes and collaborations, with experience of delivering successful programmes in Australia, USA and Europe.