The Benchmarking Partnership

Pathology Demand Optimisation

The Benchmarking Partnership's Demand Optimisation work began as a research programme in 2006 to analyse the impact of appropriate testing on patient outcomes. Whilst contribution towards research still continues, the work has now also become a range of reports and programmes which have a proven track record of helping NHS pathology providers and their respective CCGs to generate significant savings to the health economy through better patient management, with appropriate and effective testing at the centre. Four main focus areas are available:

  -o TBP HbA1c Diabetes Patient Management Programme - This programme is designed to help the laboratory take the lead in better management of diabetes patients. It facilitates a more effective working relationship between the laboratory, CCG/GPs and secondary care diabetes specialists to deliver better outcomes for patients and significant cost savings across the whole pathway. It is a 12 month programme which provides updated information on a monthly basis, with a detailed overview report and also GP practice level reporting to identify which patients are most urgently due their HbA1c test (a sample of the GP Urgent Test Report is available to download HERE.) Further information on this programme is available in our latest information leaflet, which can be downloaded HERE. We're also very happy to talk through the programme with you to help you decide whether it's right for you, via a no-obligation Q and A session on MS Teams/Zoom. Please contact us via email at for information.

  -o Demographic and Patient Pathway Outcomes Analyses - These CCG-specific reports do not require any data to be submitted to us, and are therefore available immediately to interested organisations. They provide detailed analyses of the demographics of the CCG (which have a significant impact both on admissions and pathology workload - our introductory paper on the impact of demographics is available to download below, free of charge). They also provide performance data on a range of key pathology impact pathways, including potential bed day cost savings analyses for each pathway to help identify priority focus areas for demand optimisation.

  -o GP Test Rate Analyses - This report requires submission of a short raw data extract from the laboratory LIMS system (or GP IT system) and provides detailed analyses for a range of agreed key marker tests, including total volume, testing rate per relevant patient group, and normalised relative test rate analyses. It will help to identify potential areas of over and under-testing, as well as identifying areas where better standardisation or conformance with best practice might help generate additional cost savings.

  -o Test Standardisation and Variation - this report requires a raw data download from the laboratory LIMS system showing the total volume of all tests done in the most recent full year. The report provides detailed analyses on test volumes and relative testing rates, and will highlight areas of potential over and under-testing, panel/profile standardisation analyses, and also indicate areas where better conformance with best practice could generate cost savings. This programme can also be performed across a whole network, where additional reports will also be provided around repatriation of work (highlighting areas where the network could save money by bringing work in-house, or better consolidating existing work).

We are also able to offer the above reports as a more fully fledged programme of work, in which we will also provide in-house workshops and presentations of the data to your team in order to help guide you towards implementing a successful demand optmisation strategy. The programmes include advice and guidance throughout the process, as we will share our knowledge and experience of working with other providers over the past decade to help you realise your demand optimisation goals. However, there are a very limited number of these available and are therefore provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

A range of information leaflets and data requirement guidance documents are available to download, which will help provide further information about each of the demand optimisation areas we cover. Our order form can also be downloaded below, which will help you calculate the cost of participation (including all currently available discounts). We are also in the process of building a repository of free demand optimisation guidance documents and papers, some of which are already available to download below.