The Benchmarking Partnership

National Pathology Benchmarking Programme


The National Pathology Benchmarking Programme began at Keele University in 1994, and moved into The Benchmarking Partnership at the start of 2018. It has subsequently been completely re-built from the ground-up to deliver essential performance data to NHS laboratories in a way which will enable them to:

   -o Gain access to essential workload, staffing and cost efficiency data using an advanced peer grouping methodology based on size, complexity and service delivery model to provide relevant and meaningful comparison

   -o Provide independently verified evidence of your performance successes to your stakeholders and senior management teams

   -o Gain a clear understanding of the key factors impacting on your overall cost efficiency, including those which cannot be changed or influenced

   -o Identify areas where further cost efficiency improvements could be made

   -o Take the first steps towards understanding where your best demand optimisation and workload re-profiling opportunities might exist

   -o Access detailed staffing and skill mix data as a crucial tool to aid your workforce planning strategies

The programme is completely confidential (we do not share your identifiable data with anybody - all data are aggregated with a range of statistics for your peer groups), and subscription is available to all NHS pathology providers in the UK. Whilst we collect data based on the most recent financial year, our systems are now built as such that your can submit data at any point of the process. We currently have data for just over 100 NHS pathology providers in our system, which provides a robust data pool in which we can find relevant and comparable peers group within each discipline for your laboratory.

The process includes multiple opportunities to review and amend your data using full draft reports, which will allow you to see your data in context and more easily identify any potential errors in your data. Final reports are only issued once you've signed off your data, and will only be sent to the nominated contacts you have provided within your organisation. We don't share your reports with anybody else, so you can be assured your data can be used internally as a genuine resource for identifying your strengths and potential opportunities.

You can find out more by downloading our latest information leaflet and a full (anonymised) sample report below. We have also provided a sample copy of the questionnaire so that you can assess the potential data collection requirements - whilst remembering that support and guidance are available from our team throughout the process.

If you have any questions about the programme, or would like an informal chat about how it could be of benefit to your organisation, please contact us on