The Benchmarking Partnership

Network Level Support and Data Analyses

All of our programmes and individual areas of work can be extended to cover a complete network, with discounted rates and additional network-level reports and analyses included in most programmes we offer.

One of the fastest growing areas of work we are currently looking at with other networks is workload repatration - a system whereby we are able to analyse workload data for all sites to find opportunities to bring work in-house or better consolidate current workload. It also looks for opportunities to save money across the network by standardising test profiles and conforming better to best practice with specific tests. It has the potential to save your network significant amounts of money, and can also be linked to the wider benchmarking programme with regards cost efficiency analyses and resource/workforce planning.

Demand Optimisation is an area also worth exploring at network level, particularly where groups of patients within a particular CCG are often split between different providers. Our programme will look to identify areas in which your network can generate significant cost savings through more appropriate and effective use of pathology testing, and then provide advice and guidance on how you might be able to formulate a successful demand optimisation strategy.

We would be very happy to have an informal no-obligation chat to you about any of your potential requirements. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for a member of our team to speak with you.